My Paradise



While I was walking home that day, I realized something that I normally wouldn’t have. Maybe because it was with the moon shining lonely in the sky, or maybe the long wide road that no one else was on, or the calmness and stillness of the night, or the wind blowing on my face, or maybe the crickets making their sounds, or maybe the thought that I was in paradise. I don’t know what it was, but there was something in that place, that moment, that pure bliss that I realized, we are but a part of a bigger world, a bigger being. The end came closer and closer and unlike any other journeys I had, this time, I was depressed to see the end so near.

When I started walking circle of the school, a friend offered me a ride. I was reluctant saying no, but something inside of me felt like walking. Maybe it was because I wanted something new to experience. Whatever the reason, I was glad I said no. I meant no disrespect to her and her mom, but I had to do it, for me. It was so peaceful when I reached the long stretch. It was wide, partially lit by the glow of the moon, and was so peaceful. They say that the world is troubled by many things like global warming, economic crisis, and the such, but there, I felt that none of those things existed, I felt like NOTHING existed. I felt so complete, so at home.

There was my paradise, my heaven. It may sound too simple, it may sound that I’m crazy, but what can I do, that’s the first time I felt that way about a place. I’m glad that I did walk home that evening. I am glad to have made that journey.

It was a short-lived journey, but it was the best I ever had. I was like in a dream, a dream of my perfect place, of my paradise. I’d go back there if I had the chance, of course I would. But to be able to go there, the moon, the timing, everything should be perfect, everything should be like that night.

This is a place that I long to live in. My paradise.


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