Dear diary,

I hate it. I can’t get any ideas.

If you guys, the readers of my uninspired post, have any idea for a shoot, can you share them with me? I am utterly lost in the sense of senselessness. Thank you!


Uninspired Being


One response to “Ugh

  1. I have a million and one ideas and I am happy to share. Start a series entitled “That Moment” think up several moments people have like that moment you realize you’re actually in love, that moment you realize it’s over, that moment you realize you’re covered in bird poop….you get the idea. Stage them up with willing volunteers and get shooting.
    Lacking willing participants see if you can observe and capture any of these moments happening with strangers in a crowded area.
    Lacking the appeal of that idea I suggest you work with inanimate objects and see what kind of story you can tell with things that can not move on their own. Create drama in your shots using creative angles and sinister lighting.

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