Filipino’s Indifference

The Filipino people have too much hate right now.
Hate for the Marcoses

Hate for the Pro/Anti Marcoses

Hate for the Government

Hate for the President

Hate for the Chinese

Hate for the minority

Hate for the majority

Hate for the media

Hate for the race

Hate for the color

Hate for the gender

The list goes on, I’m sure. In all honesty, there is only one thing that we should all hate and that is indifference between us all. Check yourself: when was the last time you cared for someone in secret? When did you do good without anybody seeing? When was the last time you fought for the weak?
There will always be hatred in this world, but we will always be Filipinos. Even if your passport says otherwise. Love should always conquer hate and indifference. Even if you’re fighting for a cause, fight so that the other side understands and not to prove that they are wrong. Things might, well, will, get heated and it’s up to you how to react to it.
I myself am not a fighter, I’m not even a writer, I am just content. Content with the life I live even when things don’t go my way. I hate conflict. I hate confrontation. I believe in opinions, facts. I believe in someones ability to think, even if it’s as absurd as pigs flying.
But you might argue that conflict can never be truly avoided, and I know that to be true. It never can and it never will be avoided, but how you react to conflict is whats important.
I remember that I read somewhere: “do not react to the situation, act on it.” It took me quite some time to realize what that meant, but maybe for you, you already know. It’s one thing to say it, hear it, and understand it, and another to live it. Normally, nowadays, we react to the news that we hear, to the videos that we watch, to the songs that we hear. But never do we act. We feel either sorry or disgruntled by the beggar in the street thinking along the lines like “why doesn’t he just get a job.” I admit, I am like this. But how you act with the situation should define you, and not just your reaction.
Maybe it’s just me, I’m just seeing a lot of hate in this world, and I’m growing sicker and sicker of it day by day. Maybe, I’m just missing the good old days where I get to play outside without a care in the world and that the news is something that only grown-ups care about, something that is annoying because it’s not animated like Tom and Jerry. I guess, it’s just me. 
Sorry for ranting, but who are you to even criticize me? Right? Why am I even saying sorry to you for reading my thoughts? Fuck you and your opinions. Post them, like me, hate me, love me, or despise me. I don’t give a rats ass. 😉


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