Dear diary,

I hate it. I can’t get any ideas.

If you guys, the readers of my uninspired post, have any idea for a shoot, can you share them with me? I am utterly lost in the sense of senselessness. Thank you!


Uninspired Being


Late Nights

There are times that I just want to go out with my camera and wait for the perfect opportunity to catch something on frame. But then again, there are some times that I just want to contemplate on what I have done with my life.

I may be weird at times, but I re-evaluate my life. The decisions I have done, the “what-if” questions, basically, the things I regret. Because, basically, after I do this, I feel better for myself. I feel a lot more “at peace” with myself.

One night truly remarkable was the night alone at our local park. Met up with some friends that evening and after they had gone back to work, and I was left alone, I started thinking. I started evaluating myself. Luckily for me, my camera was with me then and I got this picture to remember that night by. Image